Having enjoyed a decent amount of success with our designs and marketing, we at Eastern Dresses have begun to feel the need to branch out and tap the immense potential present in the market. Our country has no lack of talented designers, nor a lack of culturally influenced design forms to base work on. It is our prerogative to identify and approach promising young talent and to present them with a chance to benefit from Eastern Dresses’ online market base giving a boost in recognition to the up and coming designers and allowing them a platform to showcase their work.

We intend on bringing in a class of talented and ambitious designers to work in collaboration with us and having their hard work pay off by providing a means for them to channel their artistic and design capabilities. Our company is on the look-out for such talent who display great aesthetic sense and a know-how of the nitty-gritties of traditional bridal and party wear attire for a culture that takes its weddings and all things about it rather seriously, especially when it comes to clothing and looking-good. We are anticipating a great range of contributions to our bridal and party-wear lines from these designers and hope to bring them recognition through our expanding customer base. Designs ranging from lehnga to saris, ghaagra choli to peshwas and all things in between, have a place at Easter Dresses’ weddings line. If you are a designer looking for recognition and a place to showcase and hone your skills further, then Eastern Dresses is the place for you. Wow us with your work and in return, we promise you an assured spot on our list of designers and have your work acquire the propagation that it deserves.

Keeping true to our name, we intend to provide women with beautiful and sophisticated traditional designs infused with just the right amount of contemporary finesse to generate admiring looks from all on-lookers. We are offering you the chance to be the mind behind those dresses by putting up your work for sale under the Eastern Dresses umbrella, which would not only provide you with a chance to showcase your work to a massive audience, but also give you a standing chance at achieving recognition among our established clientele. All you have to do, is provide us with your designs and an inclination towards joining hands with one of the fastest growing online clothing company in the region.

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